Patented Driver Safety System

StriveSafe™ by Geoforce™ addresses safety and efficiency needs of workers’ compensation insurance policyholders. We provide the tools that create an environment of constructive competition among drivers, which encourages more conscientious, engaged, responsible, and efficient drivers. Geoforce is dedicated to bringing you driver safety solutions that will make your company safer and lower your overall operating expense.

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How Can In-Vehicle Monitoring Lower Your Overall Cost?

In-vehicle monitoring systems are a powerful tool that can lead to fewer accidents, less out-of-pocket expense, fewer claims per year, and ultimately lower insurance costs.
What is the relationship between StriveSafe and my insurance carrier?
As part of this exclusive selection, StriveSafe has partnered with your insurance carrier and state workers compensation insurance funds to provide policyholders with significantly discounted pricing, regardless of individual order size.

StriveSafe was selected through a rigorous screening process as the vendor that provides the best combination of driver safety focus, technical fleet telematics specifications, and competitive pricing.

How does StriveSafe’s system work?
StriveSafe hardware installs in seconds in a vehicle’s ODB port. While the vehicle is in motion, the device records the date and time along with the three leading indicators of risk: speeding (the leading cause of motor vehicle injury and death), hard braking (a leading indicator of distracted driving), and rapid acceleration (a leading indicator of aggressive driving). The information is transmitted via cellular network to StriveSafe’s online platform, providing real-time mapping and geofencing, notifications, reporting, and analytics.
What other data is collected?
StriveSafe also monitors vehicle maintenance data through the on-board diagnostics port, such as miles, idling and battery voltage. In addition, StriveSafe collects some basic driver and vehicle information, although the driver data can be anonymized (i.e., “Driver A”).
Is the data updated in real time?
Yes, data is reported in real time every minute through the cellular network while the vehicle is in motion, and immediately if there is an event (i.e., hard braking, rapid acceleration, turning more than 70 degrees, lateral acceleration).
Wanting to learn about safety, implementation and more?
Contact StriveSafe by Geoforce now at 888-574-3878.

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Geoforce is committed to providing StriveSafe users with outstanding customer care. Below you’ll find Customer Resources by category. To reach Customer Care, email [email protected] or call (303) 317-4809.