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Monitor and locate your drivers in realtime with the worldVIEW dashboard. Improve your operational efficiency with worldVIEW’s powerful notifications, reports and analytics.

Motor Vehicle Incidents lead to expensive repairs, increased insurance costs, lost productivity, lawsuits and more. Spend less on operational costs and improve driver behavior using ROVR in as little as one year.

Understand your fuel cost inside and out with worldVIEW’s easy to use reports. Monitor specific trends, spot deficiencies, and optimize vehicle usage in realtime.

Scorecard | Driving analytics made simple.

While other telematics companies manage your vehicles, we manage driver behavior. Our solution monitors and reports on the most dangerous behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration.

Meet ROVR.

StriveSafe’s ROVR is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent accidents, save on fuel and lower operating costs.

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