What is StriveSafe?

StriveSafe is a division of Cartasite developed specifically to focus on the safety and efficiency needs of workers’ compensation insurance policyholders. At StriveSafe, we believe that safety, security, and operational efficiency are intrinsically linked. Our focus is to provide the tools needed to create an environment of constructive competition among drivers, which encourages more conscientious, engaged, responsible, and efficient drivers. We at StriveSafe are dedicating our careers to bringing you driver safety solutions that will make your company safer and lower your overall operating expense. 

StriveSafe uses wireless sensors and cloud computing algorithms to help our customers proactively adapt to an ever-changing world, as well as enhance the safety of employees, the security of critical assets, and streamline operations. We build comprehensive systems that see the world in real time and predict the future. Our technologies deliver practical, measurable results that have been proven effective in reducing motor vehicle crash rates, enhancing the security and utilization of critical assets and optimizing operational efficiency.

Denver, Colorado Headquarters.

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