globalTAG Solar

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  • Keep track of valuable assets, increase efficiency worldwide, independent of cell coverage.
  • Time on location reporting for accurate rental or joint venture billing.
  • 10+ year maintenance-free service interval, powered by solar.
  • Weatherproof, waterproof, heavy duty.
  • Reliable location reporting for assets deployed worldwide, providing security and improved efficiency for your business.
  • Easy install, no external harnesses, antennas or external power.
  • Wide range of reporting capabilities, including geofencing, stationary or in-motion reporting.

globalTAG Solar is the next generation of StriveSafe’s industry-acclaimed globalTAG product line. Operating on one of the most modern and fastest satellite networks in the world and powered by the sun, this maintenance-free C1D1 safe device provides remote monitoring and tracking in even the harshest, most remote environments.


  • Transportation: monitor and track assets and fleet movement even in remote locations.
  • Oil & Gas: aids in mobilizing and deploying high value assets in field survey & exploration.
  • Construction: determine if, when and where your valuable equipment is being used.
  • Security: keep track of valuable mobile assets such as rail cars, propane tanks and AgTech.
  • Marine: monitor and track high value assets, such as boats, barges and containers at the dock and off-shore.
  • Other industrial uses: mining, forestry, government, fisheries, and any industry with high value mobile equipment.