Multi-Driver Scorecard + worldVIEW Live Dashboard

(light vehicles)

From: $30.00 / month

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Included: StriveSafe app with Scorecard, ROVR, and worldVIEW Live Dashboard.
Note: If selecting Hardwired iButton option, a one-time $150 fee per vehicle will apply which covers: hardware, installation cable, and multi-driver accessories and 2 iButtons (see here for install instructions). If you select the Mobile app + QR code selection, the cost is $100 but requires use of a mobile phone.


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The Premium Package adds worldVIEW, giving you unprecedented visibility of your drivers and how your fleet is operating. worldVIEW is a powerful online map and dashboard that shows you in real time where your drivers are and how they are driving. It also integrates data provided by all of StriveSafe’s monitoring devices (such as ROVR) to deliver real-time operational intelligence and trend-based analysis.

  • Increase operational efficiency with real-time visibility.
  • Powerful notifications increase worker safety in real-time:
  • Quickly respond to data trends.
  • Add driver location-based notifications


Additional information

Subscription Interval

Annual contract billed monthly (SKU SUBC-CS-ROV-MREC-INS), Annual contract billed annually (SKU SUBC-CS-ROV-AREC-INS), Quarterly contract billed quarterly (SKU SUBC-CS-ROV-QREC-INS)

Multi-driver type

Hardwire iButton login key, Mobile app + QR code


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Multi-Driver Scorecard + worldVIEW Live Dashboard

(light vehicles)

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