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State Compensation Insurance Fund shares your commitment to getting every driver home safe, every night.

In order to reduce motor vehicle incidents and improve driver safety, SCIF has partnered with StriveSafe to provide employers with the tools necessary to identify at-risk driving behaviors,  improve safety performance, and empower change. According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work-related deaths in the US. The type of company or the industry does not matter – the risk is real for anyone getting behind the wheel. The statistics are sobering. Over 3,200 people die every day worldwide in car crashes.

Every year, in the United States alone, motor vehicle incidents lead to:

  • Over 40,000 traffic deaths and nearly
    3 million injuries.
  • Over $128,000 employer damages cost per traffic incident.
  • Over $230 billion in associated motor vehicle incident damages cost.

Reduce your risk and keep your drivers safe.

Premium Package

In addition to the weekly scorecards generated by ROVR, the Premium Package includes worldVIEW, adding powerful trend-based computation, multi-tiered analysis of driving efficiency data over time, real-time location visibility, mapping and reporting. StriveSafe’s Premium Package delivers real-time operational intelligence, with the following powerful features:

*Basic Package features below are included in premium package

Premium Package features:

  • Real-time driver visibility
  • Driver trip history
  • Driver speeding report
  • Unlimited WorldView driving data storage
  • Driver history within a user-defined area
  • Notifications based on user-defined parameters
  • Driver performance report
  • Mileage expense report
  • Driver idiling report
  • Device status report

What ROVR measures and how it will help your drivers improve


Speeding is the leading cause of motor vehicle incidents in the United States. StriveSafe customers have seen a 60-90% reduction in speeding incidents in year 1 of ROVR use.

Hard Braking

Hard braking is a leading indicator of distracted driving, which accounts for thousands of accidents every year. StriveSafe customers have seen an average reduction of 27% in hard braking incidents in the first year of ROVR use.

Rapid Acceleration

Rapid acceleration is a primary indicator of aggressive driving, and aggressive drivers are more prone to motor vehicle incidents. StriveSafe customers have seen up to a 47% reduction in rapid acceleration incidents in the first year of ROVR use.

Total Driver Score

The overall Driver score provides drivers with a weekly grade for their comprehensive driving performance. Most drivers improve an entire letter grade in the first year of ROVR use, dramatically reducing their likelihood of a motor vehicle incident.

Basic Package

Basic Package features:

While other telematics companies manage your vehicles reactively by focusing on specific incidents, StriveSafe manages driver behavior proactively by focusing on driver behavior trends over time. ROVR monitors and reports on the most dangerous behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration. Our proprietary system is optimized to determine patterns of risky driving behavior. 

ROVR will deliver you a weekly scorecard, which:

  • Provides a weekly snapshot of driving behavior trends
  • Includes driver coaching and encourages friendly competition by gamifying the process
  • Leads to a culture of safety within an organization
  • Requires no software to install or update
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