• Monitor driver location
  • Measure driver efficiency
  • Measure speeding
  • Measure hard braking
  • Measure rapid acceleration
  • Automatic weekly delivery

Scorecard | Driving analytics made simple.

How Scorecard works

Scorecard is an automatic report designed to help you run a safer and more efficient operation. By focusing on how your employees are driving overall, Scorecard gives you the ability to see the big picture of your drivers safety, risk and efficiency.

Scorecard features

Measure what matters

Scorecard shows how drivers are performing based on the three leading indicators of accident risk, Speeding, Hard Braking, and Rapid Acceleration. Scorecard generates a weekly Total Safety Score, giving your drivers an overall snapshot of how safe and efficient their driving is.

Engage constructively

Scorecard engages drivers, modifies driver behavior and enables more efficient operations.

  • Create an environment of constructive competition among drivers.
  • Remind your drivers of the value of safety with Scorecard's weekly leaderboard.
  • Scorecard provides drivers with an ongoing yet gentle reminder of their performance.

Efficiency snapshot

Scorecard highlights engine utilization and idling cost estimates, providing you and your drivers with better insight into the cost of underutilized vehicles.

  • Quickly identify drivers or vehicles with unusually high idle times.
  • Monitor idling expense on a weekly basis for your entire team, or individual drivers.
  • Understand how efficient your employees are being with fuel.

Automatic weekly reports

Three metrics (speeding, hard braking & rapid acceleration) are given individual grades and all three metrics are put through our driving safety algorithm to determine a driver’s overall driving safety score. Drivers will also receive information regarding idling time and the estimated cost associated with idling. They will also see their rank vs their peers and their trending rank over the last 3 weeks.

  • Drivers & manager receive Scorecard every Monday morning via email.
  • Group reports show trends in how one group is performing.
  • Multi-group reports to compare multiple teams, divisions, or regions.