Shop Light Duty

Shop Light Duty

Safety and monitoring 

From: $30/month

Everything you need for fleet and driver management, collected from the ROVR plugin.

  • worldVIEW online fleet dashboard with unlimited dashboard access.
  • Weekly driving safety Scorecards.
  • Real-time location mapping and reporting.
  • Real-time event notifications.
  • Mileage, idling and vehicle maintenance reports.
  • Learn more about: Scorecard | worldVIEW

50% off service cost is available for Preferred Insurance Providers. These include insurance providers that are members of the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF). Contact your insurance provider to find out if they are eligible for this 50% discount, and if so, to get a coupon code.

Includes everything from Scorecard + worldVIEW. Choose this if you have multiple drivers per vehicle.

The Shared Vehicle Add-on allows multiple drivers to be tracked using the same vehicle.


Supported Light Duty Vehicles

Light duty vehicles supported by StriveSafe are most vehicles which have a standard OBD port, such as an F150 truck or passenger vehicle. For vehicles made prior to 2006, please contact us at [email protected] to confirm vehicle compatibility. 

Want Scorecard only?

  • More than 50 vehicles? Click here.