Scorecard Package – light vehicles


(light vehicles)

From: $20.00 / month

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Included: ROVR + Scorecard
requires one-time $100 Hardware & Activation fee per vehicle and an annual contract.





ROVR is StriveSafe’s patented driver behavior sensor, designed to optimize and maintain safe driving through direct and quantifiable feedback of driving behavior patterns over time. ROVR is so effective at showing areas for improvement that companies using ROVR see as much as a 90% reduction in crash rates in the first year of use, leading to lower overall operating costs. ROVR provides drivers and managers with a better understanding of driving behavior patterns to make drivers safer and lower operating costs.

  • Quickly identify outlier behavior and greatest risk to organization.
  • ROVR empowers drivers to identify and correct their own unsafe driving behavior with no micromanagement.
  • Reduce maintenance cost due to better driving and less wear & tear on vehicles.
  • Reduce unnecessary idling and fuel consumption.
  • ROVR includes driver coaching and encourages friendly competition by gamifying the process.


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(light vehicles)

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