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Why Choose StriveSafe?

It’s the simplest, easiest, and most effective driver performance management system in the world.


Can lower insurance claims cost.


Save up to 1 gallon of gas per day per vehicle.


Decreased out of pocket repair expense.


90% fewer accidents and more lives saved.


Speeding is the leading cause of motor vehicle incidents in the United States. StriveSafe customers have seen a 60-90% reduction in speeding incidents in the first year of use.

Hard Braking

Hard braking is a leading indicator of distracted driving, which accounts for thousands of accidents every year. StriveSafe customers have seen an average reduction of 27% in hard braking incidents in the first year of use.

Rapid Acceleration

Rapid acceleration is a primary indicator of aggressive driving, and aggressive drivers are more prone to motor vehicle incidents. StriveSafe customers have seen up to a 47% reduction in rapid acceleration incidents in the first year of use.

Total Driver Score

The overall Driver score provides drivers with a weekly grade for their comprehensive driving performance. Most drivers improve an entire letter grade in the first year of use, dramatically reducing their likelihood of a motor vehicle incident.

Plus You Can Access a Live Dashboard

In addition to weekly scorecards, this package includes a powerful trend-based, multi-tiered analysis of driving efficiency data over time, real-time location visibility, mapping and reporting. The StriveSafe Premium Package delivers real-time operational intelligence with the following powerful features:

  • Real-time driver visibility
  • Driver trip history
  • Driver speeding report
  • Unlimited driving data storage
  • Driver history within a user-defined area
  • Notifications based on user-defined parameters
  • Driver performance report
  • Mileage expense report
  • Driver idling report
  • Device status report

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