worldVIEW | Real-time operational dashboard

worldVIEW is an online platform that provides real-time, map-based visibility, analysis and reporting of entire fleets. WorldView works by collecting, storing, and analyzing data in real time through the cellular network from ROVR. Worldview’s simple yet powerful reporting system allows you to create customized analytics, driver notifications and reports, or choose from a broad library of standard reporting options. 

worldVIEW features

Powerful real-time notifications

worldVIEW delivers fully configurable notifications to alert you when your drivers or devices exhibit certain behaviors during time frames of your choosing.

worldVIEW can notify you when:

  • A driver or device enters or leaves a certain customer-defined geographic area (geo-fence).
  • Your vehicles display engine diagnostic codes (notification displays code).
  • Drivers in multi-driver vehicles do not log in to ROVR.
  • A driver exhibits fast acceleration.
  • A driver exhibits hard braking.
  • A vehicle is idling for a customer-defined duration
  • One of your vehicles has a low battery.
  • A device is plugged in or unplugged.
  • A driver exhibits customer-defined levels of speeding.
  • A worker arrives at home safely (or does not arrive home).

Comprehensive reports

worldVIEW can run detailed and fully customizable reports to provide all the insight you’ll need into the efficiency of your vehicular operations.

worldVIEW's powerful reports include:

  • Driver performance report.
  • Dashboard device status report (confirm ROVRs are all functional/plugged in)
  • Fleet efficiency report.
  • Fleet fuel cost estimate.
  • Fleet mileage report.
  • Fleet utilization report.
  • Geofence incident report.
  • Idling data report.
  • Location incident report.
  • Mileage expense report.
  • Multi-Driver utilization report.
  • Recall notification report.
  • Scheduled maintenance report.
  • Speeding report.
  • Unregistered driver report (multi-driver vehicles).
  • Vehicle low battery report.
  • Vehicle usage by driver report.

Custom analytics

worldVIEW features fully configurable analytics, allowing you to fine-tune your operation’s safety and efficiency by understanding the most granular nuances of your drivers’ behavior, both on an individual level and a total-company level. worldVIEW stores unlimited customer data, so you can run reports as far back as you’d like.

Analytics features

  • Filter ALL data by individual driver, vehicle, or device (for multi-driver vehicles).
  • View ALL metrics and reports by individual device, driver or group over any time period.
  • View trending driving behavior on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • View overall scores for drivers or groups over any time period.
  • View average number of speeding incidents per hour.
  • View overall speeding score score by driver, group or device.
  • View rapid acceleration per hour by driver, group or device.
  • View rapid acceleration overall score by driver, group or device.
  • View average hard braking incidents per hour by driver, group or device.
  • View overall hard braking score by driver, group or device.
  • View total distance traveled by driver, group or device.
  • View total time spent idling by driver, group or device.

worldVIEW works with ROVR and Scorecard.